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I often wish that a person would call me for information concerning the purchase of a used piano. There is no charge  for my vast amount of experience in having seen every type of piano and condition. Most people, however, would rather take the chance because the price seems inexpensive, the furniture is reasonable and some sounds come from the instrument. I really dislike informing the individual when I arrive at the home for a tuning  that he or she must get rid of it. When a description of the piano seems reasonable (but not yet purchased)  I offer, at a reasonable rate, to evaluate the piano. If that proposal is rejected I will do my best to listen to the piano over a “land-phone ” and have the client answer many questions about the piano. The client is sufficiently informed that there exists no guarantee in my casual attempt but that is better than moving an utter disaster.
Just saw a client with a vertical piano that has a “practice pedal” ( a long bar across the strings that mutes the tone when played). Some notes weren’t sounding each time he struck the note. The cause was that the felt strip used to mute the sound was very slightly overlapping the respective hammer. When the device was adjusted upward everything performed perfectly.