Professionalism and integrity

A new client called the other day suggesting that suicide was a better alternative to using her not very old vertical these days. The volume was decreased by 90 percent. Please come across town (money is no object) and repair this hideous problem. I had the time to make the trip in short order. However, I pondered the calamity as she spoke and decided to ask her to raise the lid of the piano and look downward. She called me back later that afternoon and told me that a long rail covered the hammers. I told her how to fix it. She later told ¬†me she was successful but called in a few days to tell me that the problem still existed. She also¬†informed me that her grandsons were fooling around with the pedals. I asked her to step on the center pedal and slide it to the right. She did so. The problem was solved. In a few days I received a lovely note and a check for my “professionalism.” My pocket was not quite so full but I slept very well.
I recently visited a gentleman with a Yamaha vertical that was to be tuned. His piano was not out of tune. I told him not to feel so guilty every month that passed beyond his normal time frame for tuning the piano. He complained of other technical problems so I spent the time ( longer than that of a tuning) making repairs instead. He was quite happy.

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